Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

The conclusion of The Twilight Series was fitting to the story lines. A few really random, over the top and silly things happen but what do you expect from a series based upon sparkling vampire's?

The most interesting part of the series is the history and story behind vampire children. My previous review showed that I liked it more than, then I do now. I found this to be very interesting. 

I am still not a big fan of Bella or Edward but am anxious to know more about the other cast of characters. I find it very interesting that minor characters are much more alluring. It seems that Meyer is better are telling stories that aren't of a romantic human-vampire nature.

So ... Breaking Dawn is a heavy book weighing in at about 768 pages. The story could have been told in less than half of those pages essentially this is what happens. An unusual child breed from vampire and human is born. This child is special and a vampire who is not part of the Cullen clan views it and reports if to the "powers".  They believe that a vampire child was created and since this is against the rules the Volturi are out to destroy the Cullen clan. The, Cullen gather groups of friends to witness that the child was not created but born and then they all live happily ever after.

Grade: C

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