Friday, December 25, 2015

Accidents of Marriage by Randy Susan Meyers

"Even if hard times, we should seek to purse happiness. - Randy Susan Meyers, Accidents of Marriage

Accidents of Marriage is an excellent read. The writing and character development had me cheering for both sides.

Ben and Maddy are a "typical" couple. They have a lovely home, three children and busy careers but it is all about to unravel. Ben and Maddy are in a car accident that has left, Maddy seriously injured. 

Ben needs to pick up the pieces while, Maddy heals but he isn't really great with emotions and his anger once again gets the best of him. Young, Emma had to take an adult role and care for her siblings. Her view points in the book are the most heartbreaking and real. Sometimes, the best storytellers in a book are the youth simply because they give away more.

Maddy's recovery process is painful at best.  Meyers does an excellent job and putting the reader in Maddy's body and mind. The reader takes each metaphoric and literal step with her.

Ben, is a hot mess and you want him to change, to step up to the plate, to be better, to achieve it but sometimes our best isn't good enough.

This story is told in three points of views, Maddy, Ben's and Emma's. They each have an interesting tale to tell and you will find yourself completely immersed int he life of this one family. 

Grade: B+

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