Monday, October 16, 2017

The Good Widow by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

Jacks husband, James dies in a tragic car accident in Maui. The problem is, James wasn't suppose to be in Maui and surprise, surprise he was also having an affair and his mistress, Dylan also perished in the crash.
Jacks teams up with Nick (Dylan's fiance) and they travel together to Maui to piece together the last moments in the lives of their loved ones. This proves to be very intriguing and brings Nick and Jacks together in their grief, anger and pain.

The story is told in alternating points of views giving the reader information before, during and after the deaths of James and Dylan. It also gives you insight into what Jacks and  Dylan are thinking and going through as their stories unfold. 

This book is full of love, loss, betrayal, mystery and suspense. I fear that if I go into too much detail I will give things away because there is a twist (that I saw coming) but that doesn't mean I should spoil it for other readers.

I can say that this novel is character driven and each character has attributes that make them lovable and unlikable, which is true to life.  This suspense in minimal and the denouement abrupt but that doesn't mean it isn't an enjoyable read because it is. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Mothers by Brit Bennett

The more time he spent around her, the more he realized how rarely he thought anybody else was actually good. Nice, maybe, but niceness was something anyone could be, whether they meant it or not. But goodness was another thing altogether.  - The Mothers by Brit Bennett

Nadia Turner(17) is young, beautiful and tragic. She is grief stricken and dealing with the recent suicide of her mother. She finds solace in the arms of Luke Sheppard (21). He was once the star athlete in college whose leg injury ended his football plight and he is now reduced to waiting tables at the local diner. He is also the pastor's son.

A pregnancy  and it's cover up ends the relationship and the two go their own separate ways, each dealing with the ramifications of choices. Nadia keeps the secret to herself, moves away to college and the years pass swiftly.

Luke Sheppard's life hasn't changed much since Nadia left until one night an event occurs that puts him on a path and a life with Aubrey (Who just so happens to be, Nadia's best friend! Scandalous!). Nadia returns and as, Benjamin Franklin once said, Three can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.

Secrets spill, emotional tidal waves crash but will it become a tsunami of destruction? Read more to find out...

The book takes place in San Diego, my heart, my home, my happy place and as I no longer live there it made me nostalgic. If you have ever lived in San Diego or visited it for an extended period of time, the landmarks and places will jump out at you and bring the places alive.

This is an excellent debut novel.

The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson

Charlotte Gorman is a librarian, a "nerd" and enjoys being casual and comfy. Her twin sister, Ginny is an famous instagram conte...