Tuesday, September 30, 2008

With This Ring, I'm Confused by Kristin Billerbeck

I'm really not all that impressed with Billerbeck's writing in, With This Ring, I'm Confused. I found the book to be a tad bit on the boring side and had one too many christian messages.

The characters are a bit flat and really don't pull you in. You don't really care what happens and you just want to get through the next pages and onto the the end of the book.

Don't let the cute cover fool you, this book isn't exciting or fun. Pass on it there is better chick-lit books out there.

I'm pretty sure I'm taking back my other Billerbeck books as, after reading this one, I have no desire to read others.

Grade: F

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pretty Little Liars #4: Unbelievable by Sara Shepard

Unbelievable, unravels many more secrets and is as suspenseful as ever. This might be the best book of this series, so far!

The suspected "A" is who I thought it was... clues are given in the book...in fact they are given in the very first book! However this doesn't mean that unexpected events don't occur.

Another book in the series is set to be released November 25, 2008. Keep your eyes out for it. As mentioned previously it is imperative that this series be read in order!

This series is a fun, easy to read, page turning mystery.

Grade: A-

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pretty Little Liars #3: Perfect by Sara Shepard

As, I continue to read Shepard's "Pretty Little Liars" series I have realized that it is turning more and more into the plot line of the movie I know what you did last summer. However this doesn't' mean that I don't like the book.

I find this book like her other two to be quite enjoyable. In Perfect, Shepard does an amazing job of tying up lose ends and making the story lines connect. The story lines flow and as the characters start to unfold the mystery of "A" , you too become involved.

We are surprised yet again by an unexpected event and the book is filled with many harsh antics perpetrated by "A" in an attempt to make life a living hell for the main characters.

I am anticipating what happens in the fourth book, Unbelievable. I think, that, I just might know who the elusive "A" really is...

Grade: B+

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless by Sara Shepard

Flawless isn't as good as Pretty Little Liars but it's pretty close. The suspense builds and secrets are revealed.

There are unexpected events and a few expected. However... one must read the first book to have an understanding of the plot and the characters themselves.

This is an up all night, page turner.

Grade: B

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The next big thing by Johanna Edwards

If you liked Jane Green's, Jemima J you'll enjoy, The Next Big Thing. This is a light and fun read.

A bit on the predictable side with a neatly tied ending. Not an earth shattering book or one that will change your life but merely a good way to pass some time reading.

Not worth the buy but worth the time to check out from your local library.

Grade: B -

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown

Brown's memoir is striking and brutally honest.

Her life was beyond unpleasant and as a child she suffered at the hands of those who were suppose to care for her and in many way the court and foster system helped put a young child onto a path of self destruction. Brown however hits rock bottom and climbs her way out of the cesspool her life had become.

Her honesty about drug abuse, physical abuse, gang involvement and prostitution are blunt. Be prepared for harsh language, slang and racial incrimination's.

FYI: There is a degree of doubt on some aspects of her life but under it there is a level of truth and that level will capture and carry you thru Brown's life story.

Take a chance with this memoir....

Grade: B+

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jinx by Meg Cabot

Jinx is an easy to read book, one that starts slow, picks up speed and ends in a nearly predictable manner.

This book is "cute" and the main character Jean or Jinx as she is some time known as is quite likable.

Cabot makes this "teen" read enjoyable however if your expecting ramped witch craft or a "charmed" feel from this book you will be disappointed.

Sit back, relax and read this book. You will be done within hours.

Grade: B+

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Marley: A Dog Like No Other John Grogan

I read Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog , a few years back but I came across this special adaptation for young readers and was inspired to read Marley's story again.

Grogan does an fantastic job of adapting this for younger readers. I strongly recommend both versions for all!

You don't have to be a dog lover to enjoy this novel ... you will be moved.... You will laugh, shake you head and feel sympathetic for both Marley and his owners.

Most importantly you will cry and fall in love with this sweet, rambunctious lab.
This is not just a dog story but also a love story.

Grade: A+

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Torn Skirt by Rebecca Godfrey

A repetitive melodrama that puts you in a deep slumber. This book is a huge let down and falls short of being interesting.

This "book" was nearly impossible to finish and I'd rather been forced to endure hours on end of some lame film like Lord of The Rings than reread it.

This book lacks depth, innovation, excitement and that Umph... that makes a book compelling.
Leave this book on the shelf and save yourself time and misery by letting it collect dust in your local library.

Grade: F

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

Sara Shepard's, Pretty Little Liars is entertaining and difficult to put down! After reading plenty of unsatisfying books in the past few weeks, Pretty Little Liars was a much needed relief.

This book is addictive and I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series...

It is a bit on the suspenseful side and similar to Mean Girls in that it is laden with rich, thin, popular girls, who can be a bit mean and have many secrets amongst them.

This book is delectably scandalous!

Be warned... This novel does NOT answer all questions and in fact leaves you thirsting for more.

Grade: A

How to Be Single by Liz Tuccillo

How to Be Single is engaging until the near end. The characters are well developed and easy to relate to. You don't have to be over 35, married , divorced or want/have children to understand the pain and rush of love that one experiences in life.

This novel takes you all over the world, giving you insight into the life of women from the United States to Iceland. The book is quite enjoyable until the end when it abruptly raps up and ends is a weak, flaccid and disappointing manner.

Grade: B-

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison

This book is a very simple read. It is mediocre and nothing of great interest happens.

It isn't the best or worst book I've read and it isn't one I'd keep in my personal library or pass along to any friends. I found it a bit dull and have no interest in reading the sequel.

I've read other reviews and for the most part people seemed to enjoy this novel but as much as I tried, I just simply couldn't get into it and "love" it. I found the characters to be flat and blah. The characters were not well developed and the story lines were not unusual and I'm sure I've read the same story lines in several books. *Yawn*

This book gets a big MEH, from me...

Grade: C

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fourth Comings Megan Mccafferty

This novel is the most disappointing of the entire series. In fact it is quite dull. This book is barely tolerable and in many ways ruins the series. The end was the best part because well, it ends!

The writting style is not as quirky, entertaining or fun as the previous novels and I doubt i'll read the fifth installment unless a FREE copy is given to me. I refuse to waste money on a series this is quicky going down the drain.

From about page 50 to right before the end the book is slow, boring and the urge to skip pages increases with each passage.

Jessica's speak and antics makes me cringe but I do have to admit that I felt she made a good choice at the END of the book and that is possibly the only part of the book worth reading.

Grade: D-

The Embalmer by Caillé Anne-Reneé and Mullins Rhonda

The Embalmer is a short book around 80 pages or so. It's not as macabre as I was hoping but it is rather interesting. The book centers a...