Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Memory of Things by Gae Polisner

 "Sometimes never being ready is the best kind of ready to be." - The Memory of Things by Gae  Polisner

September 11, 2001 --- Kyle Donohue is only 16 years old when he watches the first twin tower fall from the window of his High School classroom. He flees to safety and while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge he comes across a young girl covered in ash and wearing wings. He pulls her out of the chaos and takes her to the safety of his home.

She is mute  and non-responsive and as a result Kyle is not able to find out her name and help her find her family. Kyle's mom and sister might be on a plane heading back to NY, his father is an NYPD detective and is more than likely at ground zero. He can't reach anyone and
the phone lines are not making connections. He is left to take care of mystery girl, his paralyzed uncle and himself.

As the story unravels you are left on an edge wondering if his father has survived, what trauma has mystery girl undergone and can Kyle keep it all together? During the chaos of the following hours, Kyle finds that he is a much stronger person than he thought.

This book is about love, humanity and one owns strength in times of adversity. Polisner has written a haunting novel that will resonate with generations.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

“I’m going to show you something that will change your whole life.”
― Tamara Ireland Stone,
Every Last Word

  Samantha McAllister is popular but she has a secret --- She has OCD. She second guesses everything. She takes medication to curb her impulses. focus and sleep.  She has weekly visited to a psychiatrist.

Despite being popular she struggles to fit in and find her place but a chance meeting with "Caroline"  introduces her to a secluded, secret club that meets in a hidden space behind the school theater.

She slowly becomes a part of this group, called "Poet's Corner" and uses her talent with words to express herself, while forging friendships with other members of this secret group. She is drawn a guitar wielding guy uses music and verse to express himself. Things appear to be looking up but a revelation makes her question her sanity.

Stone has developed a great group of characters, even the popular "mean" girls are intriguing. I could relate to, Sam's obsession and second guessing tendencies. Stone has obviously researched what it's like to live with OCD.

The climax is intense and rather surprising. My favorite part of the novel is the relationship the character has with her mom. "Every Last Word" has left an impression on me and I think it will leave one on you too.

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Night Voyage: A Magical Adventure and Coloring Book by Daria Song

Publish Date - Tuesday, August 30th, 2016
The Night Voyage is a sweet, sweet coloring book.
The drawing are delightful and quite lovely.
I am not sharing pictures because this book has not been released yet
 but I've had it for weeks (Thanks, NetGalley) and couldn't be more enchanted with it.
The details are precious and since I had only have a electronic version,
I plan to go out and purchase my own copy!
I am looking forward to spending many hours coloring this and you will too!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Songs of the Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult

I first read, "Songs of the Humpback Whale" in, July of 2008.
You can see my blog post on it HERE.

Jane and Oliver get into physical fight and Jane and her daughter jump into the car and leave. They embark on a journey from California to Massachusetts to visit Jane's brother, Joley.  Jane and Rebecca follow clues that, Joley has mailed to different cities.

Oliver determined to get them back, decides to "track" them and bring them back home.

A life altering event and tragedy strikes, changing lives.

The story is told in 5 different perspectives and at times can be a tad confusing since Rebecca's story is told backwards but once you get the hang of it, it all makes sense.

This was, Picoult's debut novel and while it took me a while to get into it. it was worth the read.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Last One by Alexandra Oliva

It was all "fun and games" for these reality T.V. contestants until unbeknownst to them --- the world ends.

It all started with 12 contestants who partake in a reality T.V. show with no set end date -- It is last man standing wins situation. They are to work missions together and then be sent off on a solo one.

The contestants participate in a few missions, personalities are revealed and a few make the choice to be sent home. The solo mission embarks and the story is mainly told through the eyes of Zoo. After 3 days of being sick, Zoo sets off to finish her solo mission. She runs across many peculiar "sets" and continues to play the reality TV game.

Zoo stumbles across devastation but naturally assumes it is part of the show. She is completely cut of from society and pushes forward to the end game.

I am not a fan of reality T.V -- I don't watch "Survival" (is it still on?) or any shows similar to it, so I was hesitant to read this novel but I am glad that I did.

Zoo is an unlikable but well written character who you find yourself rooting for. The premise is intriguing and while my attention wasn't always 100% it was more than enough to keep me interesting in finding out what happens. Then end was predictable but didn't take away from the story.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Nine Women, One Dress by Jane L. Rosen

This is a delightful book. It is warm, witty and fun.

The title pretty much covers if. Nine women, one dress --- of course each of them have their own story.

 Each chapter is told in first person by various characters. There are quite a bit of characters but Rosen does an excellent job of giving them distinct voices. I was able to easily keep track of all of them. Each character is important to the story.

I quite enjoyed the various storylines but some left me wanting more!

If you are looking for a fast, sweet read this book is for you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley


“Life is a series of decisions and reactions. It is the things you do and the things that are done to you.
And then it's over.”
― Noah Hawley,
Before the Fall

Within 18 minutes of take off a private jet crashes into the ocean. Two will survive, an artist and the sole heir to a fortune.

Scott and four year old JJ float in the ocean, full of plane debris and fuel. Scott quickly realizes that he is their only hope for survival. He determines which way is to the shore and with little JJ on tow, sets off swimming, hoping that he has chosen the correct direction.

The mystery surrounding the crash is heightened by a variety of circumstances.  Is it an accident, terrorism or sabotage?

The story is told in multiple point of views. The chapters are relatively short and provide enough background characters to give insight to the story and wrap up the conclusion.

The book starts off strong and interesting. Holding ones attention and then is falters for a bit and picks back up. I was engrossed with this page turner. I loved the end but I can see how many will despite it.

I recommend this to those of you looking for a good mystery thriller.

The Embalmer by Caillé Anne-Reneé and Mullins Rhonda

The Embalmer is a short book around 80 pages or so. It's not as macabre as I was hoping but it is rather interesting. The book centers a...