Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Memory of Things by Gae Polisner

 "Sometimes never being ready is the best kind of ready to be." - The Memory of Things by Gae  Polisner

September 11, 2001 --- Kyle Donohue is only 16 years old when he watches the first twin tower fall from the window of his High School classroom. He flees to safety and while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge he comes across a young girl covered in ash and wearing wings. He pulls her out of the chaos and takes her to the safety of his home.

She is mute  and non-responsive and as a result Kyle is not able to find out her name and help her find her family. Kyle's mom and sister might be on a plane heading back to NY, his father is an NYPD detective and is more than likely at ground zero. He can't reach anyone and
the phone lines are not making connections. He is left to take care of mystery girl, his paralyzed uncle and himself.

As the story unravels you are left on an edge wondering if his father has survived, what trauma has mystery girl undergone and can Kyle keep it all together? During the chaos of the following hours, Kyle finds that he is a much stronger person than he thought.

This book is about love, humanity and one owns strength in times of adversity. Polisner has written a haunting novel that will resonate with generations.

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