Saturday, April 23, 2016

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

 In Eclipse we learn that Edward and Jacob are very similar. They both bully and manipulate, Bella to get what they want from her. They are also both very possessive and  have an unhealthy love affliction for, Bella.

We learn that while, Bella is still very immature and weak she is starting to realize the ramifications of her turning into a Vampire and how much it would impact her and all those around her. This is the first time, I have a small degree of respect for her.

My most favorite part of this novel is the backstories. The vampire war (more information on this, please) and the rest of the Cullen Clan. I am over the love triangle between, Bella, Edward and Jacob but of course we knew all along who she was going to choose.

I also enjoyed the werewolf imprinting and newborn vampires in Seattle story lines. Overall this book was ok and I enjoyed it more this time then the previous.

Grade: C+

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