Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

 This is the second time I have read New Moon and my feelings pretty much remain the same. The second book in the Twilight series it just an average read but it is entertaining enough.

Bella is a very weak character who treats those around her poorly. She isn't very likeable and I am not quite sure why Jacob or Mike are infatuated with her with that being said it is nice to see the focus on the friendship/relationships between Bella and Jacob. This is the only relationship point out of the entire series in which Bella is marginally likeable.

I am by far more interested in the supporting characters. I want to know much more about the werewolves and vampires and their background stories. I feel that Carlisle and Roses stories would be far more interesting and worth reading. I want to know about Rose's life before she became a vampire and the moments leading up to her change, her backstory seems absolutely intriguing. Carlisle is also a captivating character and I would like this story expanded upon. In fact I think all the other characters (vamps and wolves) would have a better story to tell than that of Edward and Bella including the Volturi.

If you haven't read this skip now...because I am about to spoil it.

The breakup between Bella and Edward has always bothered me because I find it to be incredibly cruel and and excessively dramatic. It wasn't a break up from a long term relationship or divorce. It was treated as if Edward had died and while I know teen relationships are dramatic, I found this one to be excessive and rather embarrassing for the character and writer. I had a hard time believing it which made it more difficult to accept the rest of the their love story. Romeo and Juliet they are not! They are more Sidney Prescott and Billy Loomis (Scream) with the exception of Sidney getting a backbone and kicking some ass.

I can say this --- I do like this book more than Twilight because of the werewolf story line and learning about the Volturi and various other characters.

Grade: B-

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