Saturday, April 9, 2016

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I started this blog in February of 2008 and as a result of this I never shared my review of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. I hadn't even noticed that until today when I decided to start my review on Twilight.

 I can say this ---- I was never a Twi-hard fan, I never waited in long lines for the movies and waited until the came out on DVD to watch them. Had it not been for a friend dumping an advanced readers copy in my lap, I doubt I would have read the series.

I enjoyed the books at the time but had a lot of issues with the relationships between characters, the story line and sparking vampires and while some of those issues still exist for me, I was able to enjoy the books on a different level.

I am not gonna give an in depth synopsis of this book because we know what happens. Girl moves, meets vampire, falls in love and discovers that truth lies behind the myths of the supernatural. Best friend falls in love with girl, girl does not share the feelings and best friend and boyfriend dislike one another .....and then a lot of other stuff happens.

My inner 13 year old girl, LOVES this book and thinks the characters are super cool and would just LOVE it if a boy loved me the way Edward does but is Team Jacob all the way. The adult me rolls her eyes but gets a kick out of all the cliches and discovers that she simply loves the relationship between, Bella and her father.

I will never be a huge fan on this book but can appreciate why so many people went gaga over it. It boils down to this ---- it makes you remember and experience the drama of  first "love" and if you haven't experience it yet it gives you a fantasy version of it.  Not many of the relationships are healthy, the writing is sub-par but it's an easy read that will waste time and entertain you enough to keep you reading. I can say this, I have found the background stories of a few of the characters much more interesting than Bella and Edwards story and relishes those moments and look forward to seeing them explored again.

Grade: C

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