Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Passenger by Lisa Lutz

Tanya Dubois is on the run. She has left her husbands dead body crumbled at the bottom of the stairs. She's looking to re-start her life. A chance encounter with a bartender named, "Blue" gives her the chance. She forms an alliance with Blue but this proves to cause more problems then solve them.

Lutz has crafted an intriguing cast of characters. Her story line is riveting and keeps you immersed however it does jump around quite a bit as the story is told by different identities, emails, flashbacks and present tense. 

The ending was not what I anticipated and I was surprised, which for me, is a good thing! I did have a bit of trouble believing some of the things that happened, they just seemed far fetched. Lutz's writing makes it possible for you to experience what it is like to be on the run.

This book is a page turner but the ending ties up a bit too pretty for me.

Grade: B

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