Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Garden of Stones by Sophie Littlefield

Garden of Stones hits the shelves, February 26, 2013

Garden of Stones is an emotional read that takes place during two distinct time periods. It opens up in the 1970s with a death shrouded in mystery and through flashback readers revisit the 1940s.  Lucy is only 14 years old, when Pearl Harbor is attacked. Shortly thereafter, Lucy and her mother, Miyako are forced to leave their privileged lived. They are sent to, Manzanar --- an interment camp constructed for, Japanese Americans.

Life in the camp is harsh and Miyako will do anything and everything to protect her daughter. The choices, Miyako makes results in a ripple affect, forever changing, Lucy's life. Lucy finally opens up to her daughter and tells her about the abused suffered at the hands of those in charger at, Manzanar.

The images are vivid. The character's are beautifully constructed and Littlefield's story will make your heart ache. I've never read a more moving and realistic novel about the interment camps until now.

Grade: A+

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