Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, Book 2) by E. L. James

Surprisingly this second installment is better than the first. The writing hasn't improved much but there is a bit (tiny bit) more depth to the storyline and more character development.

You get more background information on, Christian and he becomes a slightly more sympathetic character but other than the sex and need to "save" one another, I don't get why these character's are together.

The sex is hot but it's basically the same stuff and if, Ana says 'down there or my sex' one more time, I just might scream. I'd rather she just called what it is, her vagina. Oh and the whole referring to her inner goddess thing is worse than ever -- she refers to it not once, not twice but 50 times! Just kidding, I really don't know if it was 50 times or more because it felt like it was done every other page.

The story is predictable, repetitive and cliched. Will, I read the last book? Sadly, yes, however it will be a while before I read it, it took me nearly one week to finish this book and that is a lot of time for me!

I can say that, I am more interested in the, Christian's character and I think it would be interesting to have a book about just him. About how he grew up and got to be the way he is -- and not just sexually. His ability to be successful despite his initial upbringing is the most interesting part of this entire trilogy.

Anyway --- I don't understand why these books are so popular or why I am reading them for that matter
I suspect I just became a victim of peer pressure,

Grade: C

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