Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Circle of Silence by Carol M. Tanzman

Circle of Silence goes on sale, today!!! 

Circle of  Silence is NOT an extraordinary book, it is rather average. It is essentially about this 17 year old girl, named Valerie. Valerie wants to be a reporter and is on the school's newspaper, when a school prank under the initials MP is discovered, she thinks solving the mystery of who it is will help put her on a future career path as a reporter. 

Valerie along with her newspaper crew, start an investigation into who, MP is.  This results in email warnings and a dead bird in Valerie's locker. This doesn't stop her in fact she is more determined than ever to find out just who MP is. Finally she gets an insider's lead --- and then things make a dangerous turn and lives are a stake.

Sounds, really interesting, right? It really isn't until over halfway through the book. It just moves so s-l-w-l-y and the character's are all that interesting. If you pay close attention you can figure out who the insider is (that is, as it gets near the end of the book).  It is kinda of anti-climatic but the storyline is interesting. If you like young adult mysteries or are just starting to get into them, this might be a good book for you however if you're good at figuring out whodunit type of things --- this might be something you want to pass on.

I expected a lot more excitement and felt let down as a reader, however I think a much younger audience say 14 and under, might appreciate and enjoy this book more than I did.

Grade: C

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