Monday, July 16, 2012

Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer (

Between the Lines is a combined work effort of Jodi Picoult and her daughter, Samantha. It is a  young adult book and is nothing at all like, Picoult's previous work. Don't expect the same caliber. 

This book is basically about a character that is stuck inside of a fairytale book and wants to find a way out. It's also about what happens when a book is closed and character's can step outside their written roles and enjoy "life".  

I have to be honest here and tell you --- that, I had to struggle to finish it, to get through it.  It just didn't hold my full attention. This book was not for me and if you're expecting work that is similar to Picoult's you too will be terribly disappointed.

The idea behind the story is very interesting and it has a lot of potential. It's just way too cliched and if you can get past expectations you have ---  you might be able enjoy this novel on a different level than, I did.

Rating this was very difficult for me, since I tend to really enjoy her work and that of similar authors. I tried not to let that cloud my judgment and when it finally came down to it. I have to rate this below average.

Grade: C-

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