Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Sixth Event by Kristen Morie-Osisek

Eighteen year old Raquel witnesses the end of the world. The last thing she sees is her imminent death and then she wakes up.

 It is two years, she's back in High School and the only other person who remembers the end -- is her old classmate Chris Lyley. Chris Lyley the guy she always thought was a "loser". Together they find out "powers" they have such as teleportation.

They come across a few others like them. They group together and try to determine what caused the end and figure out a way to prevent the sixth extinction event from happening.

They teleport from one extinction event to another to figure out if it matches they one the witnessed so they can figure out how to save mankind.

The characters are well developed and the story line keeps you turning the pages. I also found myself doing research on previous extinction events. The author has clearly done her research, giving this book a "real" spin on things.

I am looking forward to more reads from this author. This is an excellent debut novel. It is riveting and engaging.

Thanks to NetGally for proving this copy for review.

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