Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Missing by Melanie Florence

In Winnipeg women and girls go missing. It's brushed under the rug by authorities but when, Feather's friend Carli and then Mia go missing, Feather makes it a mission to uncover the truth. Everyone becomes suspect and the reader finds it just as difficult to find the perpetrator. 

Feather is a young teenage girl who is determined and smart.  The story has many twists and turns, keeping you entertained. You will find yourself second guessing characters right along with, Feather.

Then, Feather's brother, Kiowa gets arrested for, Mia's murder the heat is turned up and the stakes are higher then ever. 

This is a fast, short read, coming out at 192 pages. Perfect for a plane ride of a lazy day.

Grade: B 

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