Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Among the Ten Thousand Things by Julia Pierpont

Eleven year old, Kay is distraught when she opens a box of letters delivered to her mom. She shares it with her brother who promptly contacts his mother and gives her the box of letters detailing the affair between his father and another women.

The news is devastating and Kay is understandably outraged, Pierpoint used this junction to take us back into time and the start of the relationship between Kay and Jake detailing their lives.  The first half of the book is enthralling but the second half .... slows down and while entertaining it just doesn't hold up to the first portion but don't fear reader it picks back up and makes all the time you've put into it worth it.

Pierpont often gives you the feeling of being that fly on a wall feeling. Her characters are beautifully crafted and flawed and oddly enough you can relate to all of them on different levels.

Expect an unprecedented move in which, Pierpont reveals the end in the middle of the book!

Grade: B

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