Friday, March 20, 2015

*** Perfect (Pretty Little Liars, Book 3) by Sara Shepard

“She knew too much. -A” 
― Sara ShepardPerfect

Perfect starts off a bit slow but builds up. Secrets are unraveled and "A" continues to torture Hannah, Aria, Spencer and Emily. Each girl continues to struggle with the past, while living in the future. Their individual secrets haunting them and causing turmoil in their personal lives.

The Rosewood PD is investigating further into the death of, Alison Dilaurentis. The girls are once again being questioned about the night, Alison disappeared.  A video taken by, Aria is leaked and is circulating in the press putting more limelight on the girls and Alison's death.

Spencer discovers a horrible secret and Hannah gets a clue that might just reveal the elusive "A". 

Expect some repetition of events and  story line's you are familiar with. This isn't the strongest or most interesting book in the series. It is more of a filler book that leaves you with a cliffhanger.

Grade: C+

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