Monday, March 23, 2015

Long Hill Home by Kathryn Pincus

A crime along the banks of the Bandywine River, entwines the lives of strangers. The cast of  diverse character's lives will forever be changed by an act of malice.

Kelly Mallory is our victim, she is a successful lawyer, mother and wife. Chad McCloskey is a teenage boy who is falsely accused and imprisoned for the crime against Mallory. Maria Hernandez an illegal immigrant who witnesses the crime and struggles on whether or not to report it.

Each story is given it's own unique voice and chapter. You will easily empathize with Kelly, Chad and Maria. The legal speak is easy to understand and the story flows freely. Be prepared to be entertained and go on an emotional journey. 

I only had one slight issue with this novel. It is an issue that distracts me when I read any novel that uses the words prison and jail interchangeably. They are very different things -- a simple way to put it is this. Jail is short-term and Prison is long term. It doesn't take away from the story but if you are like me and it drives you nuts -- it will cause a slight shift in the way you read the story.

Grade: A

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