Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fairest: The Lunar Chronicles: Levana's Story by Marissa Meyer

 “Come here, baby sister," she whispered, and despite the terror twisting inside Levana's stomach, her feet obeyed. "I want to show you something.”
― Marissa Meyer,

Queen Levana's story is finally told! It is absolutely riveting! Fairest is a little treasure trove of a book that falls between Cress and Winter (which is due out this year!). You need to read CINDER, SCARLET and CRESS before this one or you will be lost

Fairest is all about, Levana and how she became Queen. Meyer, humanizes her villain character and makes her sympathetic. There are moments when you actually like, Levana. Yes, like her! Levana is still sneaky and cruel but you find out why. 

Levana's tale is sad, which makes you understand her nefarious ways . If you want to know the story behind her scars and how she came to rule, pick up this book now.

Grade: A

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