Friday, February 6, 2015

*** Jemima J by Jane Green

Jemima J is the first novel, I read by Jane Green. It was many, many years ago and to date it remains one of my favorites amongst Green's novels. This, book about an ugly duckling turning into a swan made me a fan of Jane Green. If you haven't read this book or anything by Green, I suggest you pick this one up.

I WAS the ugly duckling-- I was the opposite of Jemima, rail thin, unattractive, tiny and made fun of by my peers. Elementary and Middle school were tough and in High School, I was pretty much left alone. The girl with no dates, the late bloomer. The nice girl --- the girl who guys wanted to be friends with but not date.

My senior year in High School and the summer before my freshmen year in college, I transformed. I gained weight, went over the 100 pound mark and finally "blossomed". I'm no great beauty, I'm cute at best and probably hate my body more than ever. I am not rail thin or obese, I am somewhere in the middle. I could stand to lose weight but I also know many women would be happy to have my body.  I guess what I'm getting at is --- we all struggle with our self worth, we all judge ourselves harshly, probably worst than society does and this book, gives me a bit of hope that maybe, eventually I will accept the reflection in the mirror rather than hide from it.

"And I'm sure that everyone comes into our life because they have something to teach us." -  Jane Green, Jemima J

Jemima J is over 100 pounds overweight. She aspires to be a well respected journalist and is in love with her co-worker, Ben. Ben is kind to, Jemima and they develop a sweet meaningful friendship but Jemima wants more. 

The Internet is new and chatting online is an even more novel concept. Jemima J meets, Brad online. He is a handsome, hard bodied, California.  Jemima sends hims a photo shopped photo of herself. She is thin and sporty in the picture and an online relationship develops between Brad and Jemima. Jemima puts herself on a strict weight lost diet and taking up working out. She begins to shed pounds and become the woman in the photo.

Jemima heads to beautiful, sunny California, leaving dreary, rainy, England behind. She meets up with, Brad and the connect is intense but Brad isn't all that he seems to be. Read the book to find out the secret she uncovers and what happens when she returns to, England.

Grade: A+

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