Tuesday, February 3, 2015

*** The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

I read, *** The Goddess Test back in, April of 2011. I forgot what a great little book it is. I also neglected to read the following books in the series. I'm excited to read the rest of the books and find out what happens.

“The afterlife is whatever a soul wishes or believes it to be.”
― Aimee Carter,
The Goddess Test

The Goddess Test is about a teen girl named, Kate who's mother is dying. They moved to a small town and on her first day of school, Kate makes friends and enemies. One of the enemies she makes is named, Ava. Ava plays a horrible prank on her that ends in her death but a dark, handsome stranger makes a deal with, Kate. He will revive, Ava if she agrees to live with him for six months out of the year. Kate agrees and then changes her mind, resulting in the death of Ava.

Kate meets up with  Henry and he makes another bargain with her. This time he will extend her mother's life if she agrees to live with him six months out the year and rule the under world with him.

Kate jumps at the chance but in order to truly become a goddess and rule with, Henry she will have  to pass 7 tests. If she fails one test, she will not rule, her memory will be erased and she will be sent back to live as a normal mortal human.

Carter does an excellent job at weaving, Greek mythology into her storyline. The characters are well developed and the plot twist makes this book delightful. It's a fast easy read will will keep you full entertained. A must read if you are intrigued by Greek mythology!

Grade: A+

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