Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Captive (The Blackcoat Rebellion #2) by Aimée Carter

“If you had something to tie you back to your old life, would you keep it or destroy it?” 
― Aimee CarterCaptive

Captive is the second installment in, The Black Coat Rebellion and it does NOT suffer from the dreaded second book syndrome. One might even say it surpasses, Prawn.  It is action packed and many new characters are introduced. Elsewhere is revealed and it's nothing like I imagined. Expect a darker more violent read.

Captive picks up, where Pawn left off.  August is dead, Daxton knows, Kitty's secret and Knox continues to secretly help with the rebellion. Kitty is still living as Lila Hart and as you may or may not remember, Lila Hart is the niece of the Prime Minster and is in hiding.  The world thinks Kitty is Lila and she has no choice but to continue her life as her. The other choice is death.

A series of events has landed, Kitty in, Elsewhere. Elsewhere is bleak and dangerous but it has hidden secrets. For nearly every person who has lost hope there is one who is ready to fight for freedom, even if it means their own death. Kitty makes enemies and allies in Elsewhere and together they must determine to fight of flight. 

It starts off a bit slow but once it picks up you won't want to put the book down! You must read, Pawn, this book does not stand on its own.

Grade: A

Read my review of Pawn here.

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