Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stillwater Rising by Steena Holmes

"she wanted to be a victor and not the victim." 
  - Steena Holmes, Stillwater Rising 

A school shooting has left twelve children and two adults dead. The foundation of a small town has been shaken and Mayor Charlotte Stone is trying to put her town back together.

Jordan Stone, principal of the school is being touting a hero but he is reluctant to accept that title. Jen lost her son and is using anger and alcohol as a means to suppress her guilt. Julia the mother of the shooter is holed up in her home, shutting herself out from her community and friends. Select members of the community are doing everything they can to make, Julia's life miserable.

The entire community is at odds about what should and shouldn't be done with the school. Charlotte needs to put her community back together but she can't do it alone. Friendships and marriages are falling apart and a long ago buried secret, might just be the straw the broke the camels back.

School shootings are a tragic part of life, something we see more often then we should in the news. Stillwater Rising is about the aftermath of the shooting and how people handle grief differently. The story is told in multiple points of view. This can cause confusion until you get the characters names and stories straight in your head. The premise is great but I felt as though something was missing, as though I open up a book in the middle and started reading. It missed the mark and didn't pull me in.

I did a bit of research because the book felt really off and I learned that it is actually the second book in a series. I strongly suggest you read, "Before the Storm" first.  I think if I had, my interpretation would have been quite different.

Grade: C

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