Friday, December 26, 2014

The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant

It's not often that one can wrap up the end of the reading year with an excellent book, much less the best book one has read all year.

Boston Girl is an unforgettable story of a Jewish women growing up in Boston during the early twentieth century. Addie Baum shares this coming of age story with her granddaughter taking her back in time to the year she was born, 1900.

Addie's family immigrated from, Russia seeking a different life, one free of poverty and violence but sometimes the things you think you left behind come with you. Addie's parents are strict, suspicious of the American culture and old school but Addie is spunky and her rebellious nature makes her life an interesting one.

It all started rather innocently. Addie joins a reading club for Jewish Girls and these young girls show Addie a different world, lifestyle and class of people. She is also introduced to a variety of things such as, vacations, hiking and tennis! This is where Addie discovers how to be her own person.

Boston Girl also details the lives of her other family members. Her soft spoken passive older sister, her wild for the times older sister and her strong willed parents. This is a multi- generational story that reveals secrets from the past. A variety of topic are covered ranging from WWI to sweatshops. Most importantly this is a story of life. Be prepared to be engaged and fall in love with, Addie.

I am neither a  Bostonian or Jewish but I felt like Addie Baum was my grandmother! Diamant knows how to create characters. This is the first book of hers I've read and I feel as thought I've been missing out on some great stories. I can hardly wait to see what she had in store for me with her other books

 Don't let the cover sway your judgment. I almost skipped this book purely based on not liking the cover.

Grade: A+++

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