Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

Dear Readers,

            This year I am going to do things a teeny tiny bit differently. Most of you won't even notice a difference but a few of you might. The following is an example of what to expect:

1. I will be re-reading books, some that I have blogged about before, some that I haven't. It has been over 6 years since I've  re-read any novel. Life experiences and age can changed your perspective of things, so I'm going to make it my goal to re-read at least 20 books or more this year!

2. Not all the books, I am re-reading will be blogged about, so expect fewer posts (hopefully not too many).

3.  Don't fret, I will continue to read and review Advanced Readers Copies (ARC).

4.  I will be making a list at the end of each month of the books I was unable to finish reading. This happens more than you think, for a variety of reasons but it usually comes down to me not liking the book and not wanting to waste my time finishing it. I read about 20-50 pages of any book before I give up on it. I do give it a fighting chance however maybe one of you can push me into picking it back up and giving it another opportunity! I just might be missing out on some great books, simply because I have no patience to trudge through mud without expectations of relief.

5. I tend to just focus on books, after all it is a book blog but expect a bit more personal insight.

6. I will be leaving the comment section open. In the past, I closed it off due to spam, negativity and not having time to moderate it. I will be leaving it open for the time being, however this is subject to change at any time. I encourage you to engage in conversations about books with me and other bibliophiles.

7. In the past 7 years, I have averaged 129 books per year. There has been a steady decline in this and I anticipate that this year, I will not hit triple digits. Over a year and a half ago, I left my job at the library and now work at a  higher paced, much more demanding job. I work more hours then ever before and as a result of this I have less time to read. This year I will be adding some classes to the mix and suspect that my reading will decline further. Please be patient, there will be less posts but hopefully they will be better quality ones!

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