Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Carrie by Stephen King

Carrie is the first novel published by Stephen King and it is a harrowing read. Most of use know the story of, Carrie, we've watched the movie(s) and been entertained by it but if you want to get down to the  true horror of it, you must read the book. I'm not going to give a synopsis of this novel because it's a huge in pop culture and it doesn't need one.

King pieces, Carrie's story together though a variety of outlets, such as the court case, articles, reports and first hand accounts. Carrie's story is so much more than a story of horror but one of tragedy and abuse.

You get so much more from the book than the
movie(s). You learn that, Carrie White didn't go "crazy", she feel victim to a power she couldn't control, a power she knew nothing about, a power hidden in her ancestral history.

I don't know how, King does it but he captures the fear that many young women experience. The fear of the first menses, the fear of being undressed in front of others and completely vulnerable. He gets what it is like to be disgusted and annoyed with another female and he hits all of it spot on with the opening of this book. The shower scene is iconic and captures adolescence at its worst.

 Carrie isn't, King's best written novel nor my favorite of his but it captures the essence of the great writer he would become. It shows his ability to get people, to write characters and to create a story that will keep you fully entertaining and wondering, how the hell does he come up with all these ideas. You get an appreciation for the writer he was and is. This is a book you should take the time to read. It a short, fast read that will change how your view the story of a teen girl named, Carrie White.


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