Thursday, December 18, 2014

Every Ugly Word by Aimee L. Salter

 Seventeen year old, Ashley is a victim of bullying. The bullying is relentless and painful and she really has no safe haven because her mom is guilty of making her life just as miserable as her peers.

Her only friend, Matt is her confident but when Matt starts to date one of her tourmenters, her life becomes more complicated and painful especially when her secrets are made public.

Her biggest secret isn't that she is in love with Matt but that she can look in the mirror and speak with her 23 year old self.  Future, Ashley isn't very forthcoming and as a result of this, Ashley may continue to make the same choices that have her future self in a bit of a pickle.

Ashley reveals her life story to her therapist in hopes for release but she needs to confront a variety of things in order to heal herself.

Salter has done an excellent job are portraying the pain that comes along with being a victim of bullying. The pain of not having a place in the world and feeling hopeless however I think it could be a more realistic, stronger read without the future self in the mirror. Expect a somewhat cliched ending.

Grade: B-

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