Saturday, October 25, 2014

Why Did She Jump: My Daughter’s Battle with Bipolar Disorderr by Joan E. Childs LCSW

Joan's daughter, Pam committed suicide. She, succumbed to her mental illness. One that had plagued her, nearly her entire life. Pam was bipolar and no amount of medical intervention could help her. The very system that should have saved her life, failed her time and time again.

Joan and her daughter, Pam were both trained psychotherapists and despite having in-depth knowledge of  her mental illness, neither of them could save her life. 

Fuel by grief and guilt, Joan has written this book, to mend her broken heart. She gives an honesty and open account on what it's like to live with someone who has a mental illness. She re accounts the days leading up to the death of her daughter and then the aftermath.

This is an emotional and heart wrenching read. 

"The disease became her executioner. It had a life force of its, own controlling her will, her actions, and causing her death." - Joan E. Childs, Why Did She Jump? An Angel to Remember

*** Please note that this book will not be rated due to the nature of the subject matter.

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