Friday, October 31, 2014

Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley

It is 1959 and life is about to change for all the students of Jefferson High School.  Sarah is among one of several black students chosen to take part of an integration program and Jefferson Hig
h.  Linda is also a student at, Jefferson. She is white, rich, popular and one of the students fighting against integration.

Life for those in this little town in, Virgina is about to change. Not all changes will be good. In fact a lot of things go horribly wrong. Students are abused physically and emotionally. Lines will be crossed and friendships will be forged and broken.

Sarah and Linda are both narrators of this story. They have many differences but one major similarity unfolds, bring them closer than anyone would ever expect. This similarity adds more heat to an already serious subject matter.

Talley portrays the prejudices in a very vivid manner, drawing you in emotionally. Her characters have very distinct voices and the writing keeps you turning the pages. The only fault, I could find in this heavily researched novel is the level of predictability.

Grade: A

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