Thursday, October 23, 2014

Imitation by Heather Hildenbrand

Ven is an imitation, a clone. She has been reproduced in a lab. She is expendable. She lives in a world  in which,  clones are created for the rich. To protect them, to replace them, to die for them.

Ven's authentic is a rich, spoiled girl named, Raven who has a hit out on her life. Ven is quickly swept into,  Raven's world, one that is difficult for Ven to replicated. They might look alike but their personalities are as different as n
ight and day.

The deeper, Ven gets into, Ravens world the more she begins to question and nothing is as it seems.

The characters are realistic. The writing flows and the plot is well developed. This is one book you should set some time aside to read.

The sequel , Deviation, comes out, December 30, 2014. I"ll know, I'll be reading it. Will you?

Grade: A

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