Saturday, August 30, 2014

Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim

 Crocus's are know to be resilient little flowers that can often be seen blooming in the coldest of climates. Their bloom last long even after it's been cut down, just like the characters of, Ibrahim's book.

 Yellow Crocus is  moving, historical fiction novel set in the mid 1800's in Virginia. Mattie is a young slave and when her mistress gives birth, she is forced to leave behind her 3 month old son. She moves into the "big" house so that she can care for and nurse, Lisabeth.

Lisabeth and Mattie for an unbreakable bond . As, Lisabeth grows she is forced to learn her place in society and with comes the awareness of inequality. Inequality between slaves and their owners. Inequality between women and men.

Lisabeth grows into a lovely young women, who is expected to marry for prestige, money and upward mobility rather than love. An, unprecedented event takes place, putting her on a different path in life.

This is an emotional read, covering a array of subjects matters such as, attachment parenting, slavery, abuse, longing and love. The character's are well written and the plot is captivating.

Grade: A

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