Friday, September 5, 2014

Always Watching by Chevy Stevens

Always Watching is perhaps the weakest novel written by, Chevy Stevens. I didn't find it as engaging as her previous books and found myself struggling to read it. The subject matter was interesting and the character's were well written but their wasn't an emotional driving force.

Stevens tends to write fast moving, intense psychological thrillers and this one -- was slow paced and predictable. 

Nadine Lavoie is the main focus of this novel. She is an attending psychiatrist at then Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in Victoria, British Columbia. A patient named, Heather Simoen is put in her care after attempting suicide. Heather and her husband were members of a cult run by a man from her past. A cult that she, along with her mother and brother lived with for 8 months.

Memories from, Nadine's past start flowing and she can't connect the dots. She knows that opening the doors to her long ago buried past might cause more harm than good but it's a a chance she is willing to take, in order to heal herself and prevent harm to others. The investigation she partakes on becomes treacherous and preposterous and the final resolution may be more than she bargained for.

Grade: C-

If this is your first novel by, Stevens, skip it and pick up another one. Reviews of her other books can be found here:  STILL MISSING
                         NEVER KNOWING
                         THAT NIGHT

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