Sunday, July 20, 2014

The One & Only: A Novel by Emily Giffin

EG normally writes books that you can sink your teeth it. Her characters tend to be believable and the story lines interesting however this book just doesn't measure up to her previous works.

Shea is a sports writer and deeply devoted to Walker Football.  She lives and breathes is. She works for the Walker University's sports department and her best friends dad is the coach. Shea has essentially known, Coach her entire life and (insert sarcasm) surprise surprise ....she has a major crush on him and he might just feel the same way!

Shea dates her old boyfriend, who coincidentally just happens to be a Dallas Cowboy Football player. The relationship seems to be headed in the right direction but then a series of events causes, Shea to question if this relationships is for her.

Seems interesting enough right? Sadly, it isn't. There are way, way, way too many football statistics thrown in and if I didn't have some knowledge of the NCAA, I would be lost. Things are predictable and the entire Shea --- Coach relationships borders on incestuous. I have an open mind but I just couldn't get around the ick factor.

The characters are bland and the NCAA investigation is never resolved, which was surprisingly the most interesting part of this entire book and I HATE football. Emily throws in some serious topics but it doesn't do much to help the story move along. If you're a fan of EG it is worth picking up but if it's your first time reading a novel of hers skip this one.

Grade: C-

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