Thursday, July 17, 2014

Then and Always: A Novel by Dani Atkins

"Then and Always"  also known as "Fractured" is just another book. There is nothing exceptional about it and it took me longer than average to read. The premise is great but it falls short along the way. It went from believable to far fetched rather quickly.

At age 18, Rachel is in  a terrible accident. It leaves her emotionally and physically scarred. Her best friend dies and all her dreams go out the window.

Five years later, Rachel falls victim to yet another accident. This one results in a parallel universe in which her best friend is alive, she isn't scarred and everything is seemingly perfect. Rachel's memory of the past five years are quite different from those around her and she combs the city in an effort to prove them wrong, only to end up where she would have, if the first accident had never happened.

Atkins, does an excellent job of giving, Rachel's universes distinct voices but the character development and plot are pedestrian at best.

Grade: C

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