Saturday, April 26, 2014

Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde by Jennie Garth and Emily Heckman

This book wasn't exactly what I hoped for but ... It was decent enough.

Jennie gives the reader a bit of background information on her days before,during and after BH90210. The most engaging part deals with her childhood and her "rise" to fame.

She is rather vague on some aspects of her life and there are many inconsistencies in relation to plot lines and such during her 90210 days.  An example of this is, she mentions that the character of Dylan was brought in to play a rebel in the summer season before the second season began and this simply isn't true -- Dylan showed up in the second episode of the first season!

She also mentions that she played a high school student while pregnant in real life and this is also incorrect. When she was pregnant the 90210 crew was well out of their high school days and their characters were well into their adults lives.

These are only two of many conflicting stories she shares with readers and I have to wonder if these "Deep Thoughts From A Hollywood Blonde" are actually only surface deep. She either has worse  memory than she says (I'm thinking dementia) or thinks she can fool her audience into thinking/believing things we know otherwise. It makes me wonder how much of her "memoir" is accurate.

With the exception of events related to her childhood and family, I didn't learn anything new. Nothing you can't find on the Internet anyway!

If you must read, check it out from the library or borrow it from a friend.

Grade: C-

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