Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu


Release date: June 3, 3014

This is Mathieu's first novel and while it might be predictable it is is real. Very real, especially in this day and age ---  when gossip spreads like wild fire due to technology and bullying is making national headline news.

 This book is character driven. Each character has a unique voice and personality. There is no mixing up of characters in this read. Male voices are as distinct as the females. You're never left to question who is telling their point of view ( there are four of them).  I felt like,  I was back walking the halls of my old high school and listening to stories I found hard to believe or was to naive to accept.


Alice Franklin is popular and beautiful. She's the girl everyone wants to be, the girl all the guys want to date and then --- overnight she becomes an outcast . A "slut".  Rumor circulate that she had sex with two guys in one night at a party.When the rumor mill is starting to dry out, one the guys she supposedly had sex with dies in a car accident. He is the all American boy - handsome, popular and the high school quarterback.

 Alice is blamed for his death despite the fact that he was driving while under the influence. It it said that her texting distracted him and caused the accident.

Every story has it's own truths and lies and only one person really knows the truth about what, Alice did or didn't do.

A powerful must read! I can almost picture this book on the big screen, soon!

Grade: A+

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Hi! I'm trying to find out how to contact you! You were kind enough to review The Cell Phone Lot and I'm wondering if you'd like to review my new novel, A Little Bit of Everything Lost but I don't know where your email address is to find you? Also, you have AMAZING book reviews on here! Hope you've been well! Stephanie aka Manic Mommy
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