Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Safe with Me: A Novel by Amy Hatvany

If you haven't read anything by, Amy Hatvany you need to drop what you are doing right this second and go out and get one of her books.

Amy brings characters to life. Safe with Me deals with a variety of issues, such as domestic abuse, the lost of a child, organ donation and the close bonds of female friendships.

This story is told in three different perspectives, that of Olivia, Hannah and Maddie.
 Hannah's daughter is in a tragic accident and Hannah donates her organs. One of the recipients of the organs is, young Maddie. Her mother, Olivia is overprotective and will do anything to make sure her daughter gets the care she needs, even if it means abuse at the hands on the man who is suppose to love and treasure her.

A chance meeting brings these three characters together and together they navigate a world of half truths and secrets that can test and break the bonds of friendship and love.

Be prepared to go on an emotional and heartbreaking journey.

Grade: A

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