Monday, January 20, 2014

Long Awakening, The: A Memoir by Lindsey O'Connor

The Long Awakening is a difficult novel to read. The reality of it is frightening. A day that should be full of happiness and pride can be taken from you in seconds.

Shortly after, Lindsey O'Connor gives birth to her fifth child, complications arise due to a bleed out and. Oxygen deprivation results in organ failure and brain damage, in an effort to minimize damages doctors put in into an induced 47 day coma.

 Lindsey gives details on her long journey to recovery and the support to received from her family, friends and community. The sacrifices made, especially those of her teenage daughter who leaves college to help care for her newborn sister.

Lindsey is a fighter and her memoir is well written and touching. I could do without all the passages on faith because it doesn't to the story.I would also stay away from reading this book if you are currently expecting a child and reading it could be traumatic and frightening.

Grade: B

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