Monday, January 27, 2014

Independent Study: The Testing, Book 2

Independent Study is the second book in, "The Testing" trilogy.  You must read, "The Testing" first or you will be lost. Don't expect a sophomore slump with this book.

School is in session, memories have been wiped clean and students are vying for internships. Cia has some memory of what happened during the testing, leaving her to question the motives of others.

Cia is given a heavier workload than other students, 9 classes which is virtually unheard of. This along with her unusual internship, has her burning the wick at both ends.

Cia, like other new college students have though go through an initiation period. Each degree of study has their own process and if you don't make it, you're "redirected".  Initiation is very much like, the testing process in that you have to be weary of who you trust. One false move can lead to death.

Expect a major cliffhanger!

Grade: A

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