Sunday, December 15, 2013

Coreyography: A Memoir by Corey Feldman

Feldman writes an interesting and revealing memoir. He covers most of the basics we see/hear about from child actors.  The sex abuse, misuse of financial monies, drug abuse and the pitfalls of being famous. He glosses over the Michale Jackson issue and paints Corey Haim in a bad light.

Feldman uses a larger degree of censorship, making this much hyped tell all ...a bit lackluster. In many ways he reveals more about, Corey Haim then himself.  Feldman scurries from topic to topic in a rushed frenzy, touching briefly on movies and life experiences.

My heart breaks reading about the abuse both Corey's suffered but Feldman reveals information about Haim that should have remand buried with him. This book is a bit on the dark side and while well written not very impressive, since he doesn't give full details about himself. For example, he never tells us how or why he got into acting, nor does he discuss plastic surgery, things that fans want to know.

An intriguing ready for, The Two Corey's fans.

Grade: B

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