Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Champion: A Legend Novel by Marie Lu

Champion is the final installment in the Legend trilogy and like every other book out there .... the ending is contrived, predictable and expected.

This series stated out so strong --- with so much promise and it ended in a rather ordinary manner.
The book starts off a few months after the second one ended. Day and June are separated from one another and living very different lives.

The county is about to go to war, a plague is taking the lives of citizens and a shocking kill reveal takes place. The storyline is strong, entertaining and when war breaks out --- exciting!

Marie Lu introduces us to a new Antarctica. The technological advances that take place there are perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the book, that could be a story all on its own. Friendships are forged and sacrifices are made.

An over all good book, with a strong storyline but the ending brings it down to mediocre.

Grade: C+

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