Monday, November 4, 2013

Allegiant (Divergent) by Veronica Roth

"Allegiant" is the final novel in the, Divergent trilogy.

The ending is predictable and if you don't see it coming, then you don't really understand Roth's world or character development. I've read a variety of reviews, in which one after another hated the ending but for me, it tied in the entire trilogy and stayed true to the characters, storyline and dystopian world.

"Allegiant" reveals the the sinister truth behind, what being divergent means. As, the lies unravel, society falls further apart and the quest to find out more puts everyone on a dangerous path.

Expect a lot of dialogue (much of it unnecessary), a variety of plot changes, teen angst and new characters with little to no character development.  Tris and Tobia's  point of view chapters are at times difficult to differentiate but the "big" reveal, the truth, the experiments, make this book  go from an F read to a C.

It is worth the read, to find out exactly how those who are divergent came to be.

Grade: C+

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