Sunday, October 27, 2013

Doctor Sleep: A Novel by Stephen King

"The Shinning" is perhaps one of the most memorable and frightening stories, I have ever read and "Doctor Sleep" is its sequel. King, does not disappoint.  It won't  give you the nightmares, "The Shinning" did but it will haunt you, long after you close the book shut.

Like, many of King's novels, there are several plots going on at once. The writing is spectacular and the story flows seamlessly. Dan is no longer a frightened little boy, he is an adult going in a downward spiral fueled by alcohol until, a single moment causes him to change his path and become a better person.

A child with the shinning manages to reach out to him and a variety of circumstances puts her life at risk. Dan steps up to the plate to save her life, even if it means losing his.

King is a master of his craft ---- and "Doctor Sleep" was significantly better than, I anticipated. Don't miss out on this novel, its a sensational read.

Grade: A+

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