Saturday, July 27, 2013

Horns: A Novel by Joe Hill

Horns is full of suspense --- it is dark and thrilling. Be prepared for a wild ride.

Ig wakes up with a hellish headache only to discover that he has horns growing out of this head! As, he stumbles across others in his daily life, he quickly finds out the power these seemingly invisible horns weave.

People, being to share their worse thoughts and secrets with him. Each reveal seems more disturbing then the one before it.  Not only is Ig, dealing with this new and interesting ailment he is also trying to recover from the horrendous murder of his girlfriend. A crime, that the town blames him for, despite never being officially charged in her death.

Ig, determined to find out the truth behind, his girlfriends death and  uses his new "lie" detector and all truth telling horns to lead him in the person responsible for her death, so that he can seek revenge.

This book is full of heart pounding horror --- and will keep you on edge. You, most definitely feel his father's (Stephen King) influence in his writing. His characters are memorable and the book is clever.

Grade: A

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