Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

Joe Hill ---is a pen name for, Joseph Hillstrom King. He is --- Stephen King's son ( if you don't know who, Stephen King is, you've been hiding under a rock) and this is his third novel.

NOS4A2 is about an evil man, who kidnaps children and takes them to Christmas land, where everyday is Christmas and not quite as lovely as one would imagine.  He enlists the help of Bing Partridge and together they make a horrific duo.

Vic has the ability to "travel" to anyplace and retrieve a lost item. She crosses paths with, Manx and has him incarcerated. Vic grows up and attempts to forget about her ability to "travel" and attributes it to being "crazy" that is until, Manx makes it his mission to kill her and steal her son.

Their worlds converge and the story unfolds in a quick and entertaining horror story.

This book is well written and intense. It is comprised of vivid characters and excellent storytelling that keeps you turning the pages ---- each chapter, begs to be read. Hill, takes after his father and at times you doubt whether on not Joe Hill is just another pen name for Stephen King.

Be prepared to enjoy the past and future works of his talented author.

Grade: A

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