Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth Laban

The Tragedy Paper will be released on January 8, 2013

The Tragedy Paper is brilliant. It is well written and full of strong characters.  The story is told by two, characters and Laban, does an excellent job at transitioning the telling of the story.

Duncan starts his senior year at the prestigious, Irving High School and by tradition the previous occupant of his room leaves behind a "treasure."  He leaves behind a pile of cds for, Duncan to listen to. Tim's story about his senior year and what occurred is detailed fully in the cds. Despite his initially reservations, Duncan finds himself completely immersed in, Tim's story.

Tim is a 17 year old albino, who transferred to IHS during the second semester of his senior year. He befriends the "IT" girl, Vanessa but they have to keep their budding romance a secret. Vanessa has a boyfriend and if anyone knew about her and Tim, it would be social suicide.

This along with a few other consequential incidents, lead to an catastrophe at IHS that results in major life changing events for some characters.

I absolutely loves this book. It is among one of the best books, I've read this year! I was completely blown away and you will be too.


Tim Macbeth is a 17-year-old albino and a recent transfer to the prestigious Irving School, where the motto is, “Enter here to be and find a friend.” Tim does not expect to find a friend; all he really wants to do is escape his senior year unnoticed. Despite his efforts to blend into the background, he finds himself falling for the quintessential “it” girl, Vanessa Sheller, girlfriend of Irving’s most popular boy. To Tim’s surprise, Vanessa is into him, too, and she can kiss her social status goodbye if anyone finds out. Tim and Vanessa enter into a clandestine relationship, but looming over them is the Tragedy Paper, Irving’s version of a senior year thesis, assigned by the school’s least forgiving teacher.

The story unfolds from two alternating viewpoints: Tim, the tragic, love-struck figure, and Duncan, a current senior, who uncovers the truth behind Tim and Vanessa’s story and will consequently produce the greatest Tragedy Paper in Irving’s history

Grade: A+

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