Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hidden (House of Night) by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Hidden is the newest novel in the House of Night Series and as much, as I hate to say this ... it is time, way beyond time for this series to end.

The book starts off slowly and builds up, then just sort falls apart. I wasn't all that impressed with this book, there were some excellent ideas but they weren't executed well. It is almost as though the authors passion for this series has run dry.

They could have expanded on so many of their ideas and just sorta threw them out there and expected us to accept them, For example..why is, Erin suddenly turning her back agains the rest of the group and why do the red fledglings accept her into their group?

The rest of the story lines are pretty much the same stuff we have been reading about, nothing changes much... Neferet is evil, Kalona loves Nix, someone is in danger and blah blah blah.

I also have to admit that even though I didn't like this book --- I will be reading the next two because I do like the characters and want to see the final outcome.

Grade: D

Synopsis: [B&N]

Neferet’s true nature has been revealed to the Vampyre High Council, so Zoey and the gang might finally get some help in defending themselves and their beloved school against a gathering evil that grows stronger every day. And they’ll need it, because Neferet’s not going down without a fight. Chaos reigns at the House of Night.

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