Monday, September 17, 2012

The Maid's Daughter: Living Inside and Outside the American Dream by Mary Romero

The Maid's Daughter is a perfect book for a Sociology and/or Latin Studies course. I found it of interest since I studied both while in college. It is far from perfect as it only studies one individuals view and life circumstance.

It chronicles 20 some years of, Olivia's life. Olivia is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant who was, a live in maid in Los Angeles. Olivia and her mother live many years with one Anglo family inside of a prestigious gated community.

This book discusses, Olivia's struggles during her adolescence and young adult life. It explores the contempt, Olivia had for her mother's employees and her struggles with her sense of belonging and self identity.

It is well written and explores ONE individuals struggle with class, race, identity and contempt.

I found that I was easily angered by Olivia. She is rather self-indulgent and selfish. She seems to have little to no appreciation for the advantages she was given by being raised in a more affluent neighborhood with individuals who could "make things happen."

While, I can fully understand the frustration and some of the anger she had, I can't get around how ungrateful she is/was about opportunities that came her way. Some people, will understand my frustration and others won't.

Anyway --- keep in mind that this book is more of an academic, scholar one.

Grade: B+

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