Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Partials by Dan Wells

The year is 2076 and time for the human race is running out. The youngest living child is 14 and all subsequent infants die from the, RM virus.

The virus along with a violent war with the partials has left the human population nearly depleted. The partials are genetically engineered humanoid soldiers, who rebeled against humans and have not been seen or heard from in eleven years. They are strong, powerful and immune to the virus.

Kira, works as a medic and every time an infant dies a part of her breaks. She is on a mission to find a cure and this cure means finding and capturing a partial. It is a risky mission but it might be the only solution for the survival of man kind.

Partials is well written, exciting and full of interesting characters. Pick it up today, the sequel, Fragments comes out early next year.

Grade: B

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